Prog2 - Change receiver Variant


Prog2 is a tool for changing Rx6x receiver variants. It is a special device similar to Prog1 but easier to use for this purpose. It cannot be used for anything else. It is mainly intended for shops.

Rx6x receivers are available in several variants (eg: Rx60-1, Rx60-2, etc). Each variant has settings to suit different types of transmitter or application (eg: cars, trains, etc). From version 603-3, variants can be changed either as a programming option (using a joystick transmitter or Prog1) or with Prog2.


Prog2 is prebound with new receivers.


Pins 1-6 are used to select Variant 1-6. Pin7 is used for Variant 22. The 'bind' plug is used to connect a signal pin on the top row to negative on the bottom row.

The Rx only needs to be powered up. It can be in any state except binding. A transmitter is not required.

1. Switch the Rx on with or without a transmitter.
2. Switch Prog2 on, place the bind plug on the appropriate Pin and press the button on the side. The Prog2 led should flash for 3s.
3. If the led on the Rx flashes the chosen variant number, the change has been successful and saved.

* A 7-flash is used for Variant 22.
* A 1-flash is the same as the flash when scanning for a signal but the Rx will not enter bind mode after ~20s.
* The Rx has to be switched off and on to use the new settings or to change the variant again.
* If more than one Rx is switched on, they will all be changed.
* Prog2 only 'does something' for 3s when its button is pressed. The rest of the time it is idle with the led on solid.
* Prog2 can be powered with 3.2-10v DC.


Prog2-v110 Rx6x from v610 / Rx4x from v510

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