Tx22 Transmitter

Tx22 is a hand-held wireless transmitter intended to control up to 12 model railway train engines.
It has controls for Speed, Direction, Inertia, Lights and Loco selection.

300° rotary control with 'center click'.
Full rotation is either 'low off' 0-100% motor control or 'center off' (depends on receiver).
The Speed knob controls Channel 1.

The Direction switch is used to select forward/reverse with receivers that have 'low off' motor control.
This switch can control lights instead of direction with receivers that have 'center off' motor control.
The Direction switch controls Channel 3.

Inertia 'dampens' or slows down changes to Throttle.
The Speed knob sets a 'target' and Inertia changes throttle slowly until it reaches that target. The Led flickers while a change is in progress.
Inertia has 32 different rates of change depending on its position. It is 'off' (throttle changes are immediate) when fully counter-clockwise.

Tx22 has an illuminated push-button on/off switch. It is best to switch Tx22 on before the receiver.
The Led flickers slightly while an Inertia transition is in progress.
The Led flashes more boldly when Binding.

12-way rotary switch with positions matching those of a clock.
Allows 12 locos to brought in and out of service without touching them (requires Selecta enabled receivers eg: Rx6x-22 and Rx102).
The Selecta knob controls Channel 2.

If a receiver has not previously been bound, it has to be 'paired' with Tx22. Binding is only required once per receiver.
1. Put your receiver into Bind mode (switch it on and wait for led to flash fast).
2. Choose the Tx22 Selecta switch position for this loco.
3. Press and hold the Bind push-button on Tx22.
4. Switch Tx22 on and then release the Bind button.
5. Binding is complete when the Led stops flashing.

Once the Tx is switched on, the Bind button acts as a simple switch.

Tx22 uses the 2.4GHz band which requires no frequency channel control and is very resilient against interference.
The Binding process ensures that your receivers will only obey your Tx22. Any number of receivers can be bound to your Tx22.
Range is suitable for indoors and small outdoor sites.

Tx22 is compatible with all DSM2 receivers. This includes all DelTang receivers.
The Direction/Light switch will ony have any effect with receivers that have these capabilities.
The Selecta switch will ony have any effect with receivers that have Selecta enabled.

Tx22 is powered with a standard 9v PP3 battery.
It has some bare wires inside so care needs to be taken when installing the battery to avoid short circuits.

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