Prog4 Change Types

Prog4 is used with a computer to change settings in DT receivers.
The text file sent to Prog4 can have different 'types'


All compatible receivers accept type3 files (Rx4x, Rx6x, Rx10x).
This is the primary type for making changes to settings in receivers
Only one row containing a change is possible between 'type3' and 'end'.
There must be no more than 116 characters in Row 1 + Row 2 + Row 3 (they are buffered in Prog4).

Receivers that support 2-way communication (Rx65b/Rx47) accept more than one change per file (from v611-2).
The only difference from above is almost any number of programming lines are allowed between 'type3' and 'end'.
There is a 2kb file size limit with these receivers (the whole file is passed through to the receiver).
Sequenced light pattern examples


This type may be used to emulate a 'Prog2' programmer.
Prog2 is used by shops to change variants.
This type has not been implemented.


Rx6x and Rx47 accept type1 files.
This type emulates a 'Prog1' programmer.
This type allows real-time changes while the receiver is being controlled with the proper transmitter (eg: to set min and max motor power).
Note, however, that many changes require the receiver to be restarted to take effect.
The led on the receiver should flash fast for 3s if a change is accepted (same as Prog1).
The text file is identical to type3 but 'type3' is replaced with 'type1'


This type is for issuing 'commands'.
Receivers that support 2-way communication (Rx65b/Rx47) can send all their settings back to the PC (from v611-2).

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