Menu Feature


The Menu feature allows outputs to be switched on/off and settings in the receiver changed from the transmitter.

The feature is intended to support future product development. So default actions that can be enabled are deliberately few in early releases. More features can be enabled or changed at any time using the programming Menu 12 and 13. Receivers that use 'v6' software may have the Menu feature available (have '11' and '3' or higher hand-written on them). These include Rx61, Rx62, Rx65 and Rx47. The feature has to be enabled in these receivers using the 'Paperclip' change method.

The menu feature resides in the receiver but to operate it also requires a transmitter with a 12-position Menu switch and two trigger buttons (T1/T2). Tx72/Tx74 have these switches. Each menu position can make three things happen. The position of the 12-way switch can trigger some actions direct. If set up in this way the action excecutes 0.8s after selecting the position. So quick movements over switch positions can prevent the 'direct' action from occurring. Each position can then also have two more actions associated with it triggered by T1/T2. These have no extra time dependancy. These often decrement (-) or increment (+) a setting.

From v611-3 (issued 17-Feb-2015)

Position 12:
Direct: Emergency Stop
T1: Toggle Low/Center off motor control (assumes Direction switch is set up for this)
T2: Toggle motor reverse (eg: for push/pull consist)

Position 11:
Direct: Battery voltage display (if enabled)
T1: Minimum motor power - (power level that the motor 'jumps' to each time throttle is opened)
T2: Minimum motor power + (stretches speed control over more knob movement)

Position 10:
T1: Inertia - (separate from Inertia control on Tx which is for longer timeframes)
T2: Inertia + (smooths out throttle changes when Tx Inertia is not used)

Position 1-9:
No default settings

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