Tx2 Transmitter

Tx2 is a radio module used to make a 7 channel proportional 2.4GHz transmitter.
It is compatible with DSM2 and all DT receivers.
Range is suitable for indoors and small outdoor sites.

Tx2 is a reprogrammed receiver with only 8 inputs so may be a bit quirky for some features!
It is very much a DIY project which requires soldering external resistors, potentiometers, switches, battery and led.
It is intended to make a simple transmitter, eg: by connecting pots or converting an old IR or 27MHz handset.

Tx2 can control up to 7 proportional or switched channels.
It has special options for trains to control speed, direction, inertia and lights.

* Tx2 uses a CYRF6936 RF chip. In an early datasheet the manufacturer claimed 'typical observed range' as being 15m in a Home context, 20m in an Office and 30m Outdoors. The manufacturer has removed this information from current datasheets. People sometimes get more than this range with Tx2 but range cannot be guaranteed.
* Range is maximised when the Tx aerial is 'side on' to the model. It is weakest when the tip is pointed at the model. Range is also maximised when the signal is not obstructed. Water (including human body parts), metals, batteries and carbon fibre are examples of things that block signals.
* The tip of the aerial must not make electrical contact with anything else (eg: switches, other wires).
* Tx2 has an on-board 3.1v voltage regulator. Provided the voltage is over 3.2v, battery voltage is not normally important. However, flat batteries usually cause problems even when their voltage is over 3.2v.

CONVENTIONS (in DT receivers):

Channel Planes Trains
Ch1 Throttle Throttle
Ch2 Aileron Selecta (or Function)
Ch3 Elevator Direction (or Function)
Ch4 Rudder Function
Ch5 Gear Bind + Function
Ch6 Aux1 Same as Ch1 for Cruise Control with receivers that force Ch1 low on signal loss
Ch7 Aux2 Sound (or Function)


Version Change
v207 Ch6 same as Ch1 in Profile 2 for train cruise control.
Added 100% throws option to digital ports (was analogue only).
v206 Changed Pin7 to 'analogue' in Profiles 1, 5 and 6.
Added Pin7 calibration in Profiles 1, 5 and 6.
LED1 off after 1 minute to reduce current consumption.
Added ability to change whether Pin6 pot controls Inertia, Ch4 or Ch5 (Profiles 1 & 6).
Fixed bug which prevented profile changes and frequency changes from being saved.
v205 Added Profile 7 for Tx27.
v204 Ch6 same as Ch1 in Profiles 1, 5 and 6 for train cruise control.
Calibration only possible in 1st 60 seconds of switching Tx2 on.
Added calibration of Ch2 and Ch6 in Profile 3 for Tx23 (all throttle pots).
Added ability to control Ch7 in Profile 1, 5 and 6.
v203 Added Profile 5 for Tx20.
Added Profile 6 for Tx21.
Moved Inertia from Pin4 to Pin6 in Profile 1.
Added ability to control Ch4 in Profile 1.
Added calibration of Ch1 in Profile 3 for Tx23.
Removed mixing in Profile 4.
v202 Added calibration function for Ch1 and Ch2 in Profile 1.
v201 Added options for 100% and 150% throws


Tx21 and Tx23 1 and 3-train controllers using Mode1 and Mode3 of Tx2 respectively.
Controls for Speed, Direction, Inertia, Lights.
Coax heli and cheap plane transmitters
For trains, controls for Speed, Direction, Inertia, Lights.
For planes, cars, trucks, robots, etc, proportional or switched control of up to 7 channels.

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