Control Board 2 (CB2)



Example circuit

Tx2 is a self-contained short range transmitter. CB2 is intended to 'upgrade' Tx2 to long range. CB2 has the same core program as Tx2 but it does not transmit. Instead, CB2 is used with an external radio module (not provided). Spektrum have the DM8/DM9 DSM2 modules and Orange make some DSM2/X modules. The Orange DIY version is the easiest to install.

Where Tx2 has already been used to make a transmitter, Tx2 is removed and CB2 is put in its place with one change to existing wiring.

If you are creating a new transmitter, you connect pots and switches to CB2. CB2 converts those to channel positions which the external Tx module transmits.

1. CB2 outputs a 7 channel PPM stream on Pin8 (it does not transmit).
2. CB2 requires an external transmitter module (not supplied).
3. LED2 is driven from Pin9 (Tx2 uses Pin8 for LED2).
4. Binding is performed from the external module.

Refer to Tx2 instructions.

CB2 + Orange DSM2 module for Futaba Tx

1. The external Tx module consumes higher current than CB2. The module must have a robust 'direct' connection to the battery (through an on/off switch).
2. Follow instruction manual or use Google to find pin connections for your Tx module.
3. The CB2 PPM output idles high at 3.1v. This should be safe and suitable for most modules. It has 300us trigger pulses.
4. CB2 can be powered with 3.2-10v. Tx modules are likely to require >4v. A PP3 batery, two LiFe cells or 4-6 NiMHs may be suitable for both products. Rechargable batteries may be preferred due to the higher current consumption. Lipos are not normally suitable because there is no low voltage protection.

Same as Tx2

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