Tx20 Transmitter

Tx20 is a hand-held wireless transmitter intended to control 1 model railway train engine.
It has controls for Speed, Direction, Lights, Sounds and Coupling.

300° rotary control with 'center click'.
Full rotation can give 0-100% motor control or it can be used forward/reverse with 'center off' (depends on receiver).
The Speed knob controls Channel 1 and Channel 6.

3-way self-centering switch for Direction.
This switch can also control lights or change settings in receivers/ESCs.
The Direction switch controls Channel 3.

Two momentary action push-button switches for Sounds, Servos or Lights.
These switches control Channel 2 and 4.
Each channel is low when pressed and centered when released.

Tx20 has an illuminated push-button on/off switch.
It is best to switch Tx20 on before the receiver.
The Led flashes more boldly when Binding.

If a receiver has not previously been bound, it has to be 'paired' with Tx20. Binding is only required once per receiver.
1. Put your receiver into Bind mode (install Bind plug or switch it on and wait for led to flash fast).
2. Press and hold the Bind push-button on Tx20.
3. Switch Tx20 on and then release the Bind button.
4. Binding is complete when the Led stops flashing.

This button can also be used for Sounds, Servos or Lights.
It controls Channel 5.
The channel is low when pressed and high when released.

Tx20 uses the 2.4GHz band which requires no frequency channel control and is very resilient against interference.
Any number of receivers can be bound to your Tx20 but only one can be switched on at a time to operate them independently.
Range is suitable for indoors and small outdoor sites.

Tx20 is compatible with all DSM2 receivers. This includes all DelTang receivers.
Knob and switch positions are transmitted as separate 'channels' (1-7) which must match those used in receivers.

Tx20 is powered with a standard 9v PP3 battery.
It has some bare wires inside so care needs to be taken when installing the battery to avoid short circuits.

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