DT Receivers - Detailed Specification

- Low current in normal use (14-17mA)
- Low reset voltage (2.7v - ideal for 1S lipo)
- Up to 6v operation (up to 10v on Rx2x, Rx37, Rx7x)
- Auto (no touch) binding and programming on smallest receivers

- The smallest DT receivers are intended for indoors and range may approach 'Park Fly'
- It is common for the 'more robust receivers' (Rx2x, Rx7x) to be used beyond Park Fly approaching full range 'sport' receivers
- Rx7x have antenna diversity so these are better for longer ranges

- Receivers intended for servos have servo outputs by default (for servos, speed controllers and gyros)
- Some can be made to output Sum PPM/Sequential PPM or RS232 Serial on one pin (eg: for quadcopters)
- Actuators are proportional and most have 400mA drive rating for each output (>11ohm coil on 1S lipo)

ESC OPTIONS for 'servo' and 'actuator' receivers:
- These receivers all have a normal servo type Throttle output for Ch1 for an external ESC or servo
- Most also have built-in 1-way brushed ESC's (for planes) which are rated at a conservative 2A
- Where the number of ESCs are in brackets, this means the ESC is 'On board capable'. The software is enabled and pads exist but the Fet is not installed (usually to save weight/reduce thickness).

ESC OPTIONS for 'car and train' receivers:
- These receivers all have built-in reversable brushed ESC's

- All receivers should work with 'air' DSM2 transmitters (eg: DX4E, DX5E, DX6i, DX7, DX8, DX10, DX18, DM8, DM9, DSM9, MLP4DSM, etc).
- Most should also work with 3ch 'surface' DSM2 transmitters (DX3..). They should work with the DX4S as well but only 3 channels are transmitted in DSM2 mode.
- The 'air' frame length is 22ms and 'surface' is intended to be used at 16.5ms although may work at other speeds.
- Except where noted, both output 1024 step (10bit) servo resolution.
- Software update history.

- Used on 'more robust receivers' which normally have standard servo plugs.
- Special characteristics are a bind plug, failsafe on all channels, option to sort/not sort serial outputs, internal flight logs.
- The flight log counts signals received and missed and needs a Cypress Miniprog to read and Excel to help interpret.
- Lost Model Beacon available on request.

- Used on micro receivers that are too small for a bind plug.
- Special characteristics of this version are Autobind and ESC/Actuator outputs.
- v3.4.x has a differential throttle steering mix for twin-motor steering (planes)

- Used on DSMir receivers (WIP).
- Supports many IR protocols.

- Used where extreme configurability is required.
- Allows every output to be mapped to any channel.
- Provides mixing between output pairs.
- Has optional 'switched' outputs (to drive Leds).

- The Led indicates real-time signal quality and flashes error conditions so is a powerful tool to confirm a receiver's performance
- Stated weights are meant to be fair representations but will vary slightly

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