Prog2 (v110)

Prog2 is a tool for changing receiver variants. It can be powered with 3.2-10v.
Prog2 is only intended for shops because it does not require binding and if used at a show it could change settings in other DT receivers in the vicinity.

Prog2 is 'version-specific'. This is because the settings and menu structure for variants are stored in Prog2. This version (v110) is only appropriate for use with:
* Rx4x receivers with v510 software.
* Rx6x receivers with v610 software.
* Rx102 receivers with v110 software.
* Rx105 receivers with v110 software.

Prog2 is prebound with new receivers. Should it be necessary to bind, follow the Prog1/Prog3 instructions.

Prog2 has 5 modes. The led will flash current mode once when it is switched on.
Shops may prefer to have more than one Prog2, each set to a different Mode and clearly labeled.

The mode can be changed at startup if the Button is pressed and the large Bind plug is on Pin 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 when power is applied.
Prog2 saves your choice when you release the Button and remove the Bind plug.

Button + Pin1 > Switch ON = Mode 1 = Same as 'Prog3' for individual programming changes
Button + Pin2 > Switch ON = Mode 2 = Change Rx41d variants
Button + Pin3 > Switch ON = Mode 3 = Change Rx43d variants
Button + Pin4 > Switch ON = Mode 4 = Change Rx6x variants
Button + Pin5 > Switch ON = Mode 5 = Change Rx102 variants
Button + Pin6 > Switch ON = Mode 6 = Change Rx105 variants
Button + Pin7 > Switch ON = Mode 7 = Change Rx45 variants (from v110-4)

MODE 1 - Act as 'Prog3'
See Prog3 instructions.

CHANGE Rx4x, Rx102 and Rx105 VARIANTS

Each row in the programming table is changed in an automated batch sequence. One row is changed per second. The Prog2 led flashes once per second while sending changes through and then goes solid. It takes 10-20s to change a variant. Any number of receivers can be changed at the same time.

Prog2 acts as a surrogate transmitter sending out a continuous signal. The led on the receiver starts with a 3-flash when locked on to the Prog2 signal. It should then flash rapidly as each change is validated after you press the Prog2 Button.

If all changes are accepted, the receiver will (1) continue flashing rapidly for 7 seconds after the Prog2 led goes solid and (2) when the slower flashes resume they will increment by 1 (eg: 3-flash becomes a 4-flash). The receiver will always do both if the batch is accepted and neither if the change failed. If the change failed you must solve the problem as the settings are now not certain. It will usually be because you are using the wrong Mode.

Prog2 Instructions
1. Switch Prog2 on and check you have a 2-flash for Rx41d or 3-flash for Rx43d or 5-flash for Rx102 or 6-flash for Rx105 or 7-flash for Rx45.
2. Switch target receiver on and wait for the receiver's 3-flash
3. Place the large Bind plug on the appropriate Prog2 pin to select a variant
4. Press the Prog2 Button.
5. The receiver led should flash rapidly 7s longer and flashes then increment by 1.
6. Switch Prog2 and receiver off if no more changes are required.

MODE 2 - Rx41d
Pin1 = Rx41d-1
Pin2 = Rx41d-2
Pin3 = Rx41d-3
Pin4 = not used
Pin5 = not used
Pin6 = not used
Pin7 = Rx41d-22

MODE 3 - Rx43d
Pin1 = Rx43d-1
Pin2 = Rx43d-2
Pin3 = Rx43d-3
Pin4 = Rx43d-4
Pin5 = Rx43d-32
Pin6 = not used
Pin7 = not used

MODE 5 - Rx102
Pin1 = Rx102-1
Pin2 = Rx102-2
Pin3 = Rx102-3
Pin4 = Rx102-4
Pin5 = not used
Pin6 = not used
Pin7 = not used

MODE 6 - Rx105
Pin1 = Rx105-1
Pin2 = Rx105-2
Pin3 = Rx105-3
Pin4 = Rx105-4
Pin5 = Rx105-5
Pin6 = Rx105-6
Pin7 = Rx105-7
Pin8 = Rx105-8
(any two Pins that
sum to 8)
MODE 7 - Rx45
Pin1 = Rx45d-v5
Pin2 = not used
Pin3 = Rx45d-3
Pin4 = not used
Pin5 = Rx45d-5
Pin6 = not used
Pin7 = Rx45d-22

* Prog2 has to be switched off to allow the Rx to connect to a proper Tx and use the new settings.
* If more than one Rx is switched on, they will all be changed.
* In Modes 1, 2, 3 and 5 Prog2 transmits continuously.


Rx6x receivers have all the settings for all variants built in to them. So only one row in the programming table needs to be changed.
The Rx only needs to be powered up. It can be in any state except binding. A transmitter is not required.
Users can also change variants themselves using normal programming options.

Prog2 Instructions
1. Switch the Rx on with or without a proper transmitter.
2. Switch Prog2 on and check you have a 4-flash for Rx6x.
3. Place the bind plugs on the appropriate Pins and press the button on the side. The Prog2 led should flash for 3s.
4. If the led on the Rx flashes the chosen variant number (1-7), the change is successful and saved.

* The sum of all Pins with bind plugs is used to configure the Variant and Board arrangement for Rx65b.
* 1-7 is used for the Rx on its own, 11-17 with ADD3(6A1), and 21-27 for ADD3(3A2).
* The Rx led will then repeatedly flash a Board identifier (1-3) followed by Variant (1-7).


Rx only

Rx + ADD3

Rx + ADD3

Formula for Rx65b As above Rx only +10
Rx only +20
Rx65b led flashes Board 1-flash
Variant 1-7 flash
Board 2-flash
Variant 1-7 flash
Board 3-flash
Variant 1-7 flash

* The Rx has to be switched off and on to use the new settings or to change the variant again.
* If more than one Rx is switched on, they will all be changed.
* In this Rx6x mode Prog2 only transmits for 3s when its button is pressed. The rest of the time it is idle with the led on solid.


Prog2-v108 Rx6x only (from v603-3)

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