DT Free Flight Timers

These timers are prototype/work in progress. Drop me an email if interested.

FF2 - F1A Timer:

30x55mm to match typical openings for clockwork timers
Five timers configurable with on-board joystick/leds from 0.1s to 100 minutes each
Drives single servo to release lines
Hook switch and radio DT inputs
Low voltage detection and auto switch off after DT


FF1 - Basic Timer:

Fixed ramp up and ramp down times
Run time adjustable in 3s increments using a single push-button
Low voltage and over-current detection
Output configurable to:
- drive brushed motor direct (2A)
- drive external ESC eg: for brushless motors
- drive servo for DT release
Can have Bahoma battery magnet system for lightest models

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